29 January 2010

a blink of words

ermm the exam was fine...
well of course i couldn't reach the 100% mark,
it's what's important is that I've laid down my best effort.
depends on what will be the outcome.

overall the subject was interesting although a bit annoying..
the next 2 subjects will be emphasizing on a more clinical
path, E.N.T and ophthalmology

so i need to prepare well also to
plan well about the winter trip.

27 January 2010

[ Com. Med. ]


just want to inform you guys about the exam
which is just underneath your shoes..
well tomorrow will be the exam, perhaps during the mid-day.

something about the exam "Community Medicine".
the first thing is that, the subject is not that difficult to understand..
what's difficult (according to me) is the loads of stuffs to read and memorize.
so its quite a pain for me to remember things actually, especially after the aftermath 7 months ago.

but still i have confidence that i can do what i did before. with some extra efforts or so like the doctor said. anyhow, i've done what a could throughout the week. depends on how much i can remember what i've read.

so what to do, is to try to answer the Qs tomorrow all-out, and finally pray to Allah for my success.
last words, pray for my success for tomorrow and the coming subjects and exams.

23 January 2010


just want to tell you guys about the exam, last Thursday,
well, it was not real tough exam.
I managed to do it well.
maybe just one or two simple mistakes but it does't matter,
right now, the more important thing..
I need to prepare for another big exam,
this Thursday, a lot to read, but not that difficult to understand,
just need's a big chunk of effort to memorize the whole thing,
as usual, it's studying medicine after all.
but I'll manage InsyaAllah.
pray for my success and see you next time.

18 January 2010

what's going on this week.

assalamualaikum and a very good morning to you guys
it's been a while since i wrote something here.
hmmm, lets see.

today marks the 7th month and 8th day since the accident happened.
a lot of things changed. and i really mean a lot.
at times, i think that it was a bless that the accident occurred.
though bad things did happen, but what's important is what's going on right now
and happen in the future.

it's a total relief that i was still blessed to lived in this world to correct and improve myself, also to be a better person from what i was before.
so to readers out there, please do not wait until something really bad happens to you, then you really want to bertaubat.
what if, if i'd lost my life back then, totally i wouldn't be ready to face god.
so please use the time you have now, very wise and beneficial.

okay, for this period, about this 2 weeks, its a study lift period
to give time to prepare for the exams coming.
the nearest will be this Thursday. OSPE.
further on, is on 28th of Jan, the End-Round Exam for Community Medicine.
right after, i'll begin the third subject, ENT(ears, nose and throat)
for a week, then its the holiday, winter break.
this time, i'll really go somewhere, u wanna know,
wait till the time comes.
al right then, pray for my success for the exams
and see you next time.

15 January 2010

101 East - Malaysia: Whose God?

Religious tensions are rising in Malaysia following a High Court ruling which declared non-Muslims could use the Arabic word 'Allah' when referring to God. [14 Jan 2010]

Gaza supports Egypt?

These days, it seems there is no love lost between Palestinians in Gaza and their southern neighbours in Egypt.

Recently, Egypt began constructing a wall on its border that some fear will put an end to tunnels used by Palestinians to sustain life in Gaza. Many in Gaza believe Egypt is increasingly complicit in an Israeli siege that is making life unbearable for the people of Gaza.

So as Egypt begins its title defence in the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations, you would think Gazans would be the last people rooting for the Pharaohs... not so. Check this out.

11 January 2010

upcoming event's


long time no see~..
nothin' much to tell..
just there are some important events
coming up ahead..
for the time being..i'll be facing..

1, Com. Med. quiz ---> 13/1

2, OSPE exam ---> 21/1
(Objective structured clinical/practical examination)

3, End round exam. -> 28/1

it's always about the exam..
thank god it'll end in no time,
got good things coming up in the winter break soon though..
wait for updates..
what ever pon, wish me success for the exams..

08 January 2010


US Healthcare System: A Matter of Life and Debt

A Matter of life and Debt

part 1

part 2

Over the past year healthcare has become one of the greatest tests for Barack Obama, the US president.

He made reform of the system that leaves 47 million people uninsured his top domestic priority.

Congress passed two bills that are expected to be merged in the coming weeks. If Obama signs a final bill into law, he will be the first US president in a century to deliver on his promise of reform.

But many in his own Democratic party say the new measures fall short of his campaign promise to cover all Americans.

And on the right, Republicans say it will cost too much as the country tries to climb out of recession.

At the heart of the debate is whether there should be a public option - a government-run plan to compete with private insurers. One of the bills includes it, the other does not.

Al Jazeera travelled to Richmond, Virginia where we found some people struggling to cover their medical costs but divided over the best way to reform the system.

For all of them though, healthcare has become a matter of life and debt.

04 January 2010

Neurology appointment..

it was yesterday, the appointment with the neurologist,
Dr Omar, the person in charge taking care of me during my illness.
of course, I hardly recognized him because i don't remember a single thing about Kasr El-Ainy Hospital.
what was done?..
practically speaking, there wasn't any test..
just a memory test when he told me to recite a Sura that i previously memorized.
I did well coz was not a hard task to do..
other things,,,he told me that I have to do extra effort to regain back my previous skill of learning.
this is becoz, the skills that constitute the area damaged will be taken ove by the other parts of the brain.
and to do this, repeated stimulus which is from learning will fasten the area to take over what was damaged...and again, for this reason i have study harder..
overall, i'm okay and i can go back to studies like normal
also, from the previous psychology test, the results were good..alhamdulillah..
all fine..
likewise..what i have to do now is, study...but for me, to study excessively i s really boring..
so i'll do what i can as long as i'm happy..

03 January 2010

New Year's Incident


a happy new year to all humans out there..~~
hope everything's new for you guy's....

for me, here's what happened..
semalam aku ngan kawan2 gi alex gi jalan2.
gi maen futsal, ziarah kawan2, mandi laut, makan seafood and sebagainya...
yang paling best, makan seafood la..sdap tol..

byk jumpa member2 baru, mcm2 citer yg kluar,
kebanyakan pasal incident 6 bulan yg lalu la...
cerita-cerita dari perspective lain plak

then bende yg paling best, kenangan kt alex..
gi mandi laut..
pastu sronok sangat
gi mandi skali ngan handset ngan dompet...hahaha~~
yup...pastu ape lagi,,,agaknya punah dah kot handset tu..
ni la handset yg ke-4 yg hilang...
3 kne curik, 1 rosak,,,,cerita betol..

apa boleh buat..dah takdirm kita terima je
..so lepas ni kne beringat sikit..
take care of your things..
bersabar je la, ape leh wat..

dah la..relek2.....
rezeki Allah tu murah..tk perlu bersedih sangat...
ganjaran yang lebih besar akan menanti kelak..
bykkn berdoa..