20 August 2010


you know what...i don't if i'm going to Serdang hospital again or not..
by right it will my last week, next week...so the 3 weeks elective posting in surgical department
has almost ended...

learned quite a few things...didn't had a chance to do any procedure..just observing
but I guess thats okay...
but seriously..soon when ure an houseman, you really need to know how to present a case to the Dr...presenting the case clearly to the specialist and consultants...under ure MO's supervision.

i guess, in doing the procedures, you need to have a lot of practice doing it..coz its a real basic thing that you should really know and have to do...
again one of the important things that you need to have is...
the skill to establish a good rapport with patients and nurses...not to forget to have a good relationship with ure MO's and specialists..

so, overall, I gain new experience..got to know new friends from UPM and CUCMS..see how the life in hospital works..
got to see what a houseman should be prepared of..before serving the people..
AND you really need to have good manners..and good confidence when presenting the case and during dealing with patients
or else you're in big trouble soon...hehehe..

okay..i dunno what else to write...
happy ramadhan

08 August 2010

AWAKEN my friends

a piece from the awakening by Maher Zain

We became individuals without a soul
Despite the heat
Our homes felt so empty and cold
To fill the emptiness we bought and bought
May be all the fancy cars
and bling bling make us feel satisfied
My dear brother and sister
It's time to change inside
Open your eyes don't throw away
What's right aside
Before the day comes
When there is no way to run or hide
Now ask yourself
cause Allah is watching you'
Is He satisfied?
Is Allah satisfied?

I'm walking with my head
(lowered in shame for my place
I'm walking with my head lowered for my race
Yes, It's easy to blame
everything on the West
When in fact all focus should be on ourselves)x2

05 August 2010



we meet again..just wanna share a couple of words or two.
what I heard from an ustaz from his lecture.
its about thanks..(syukur)..or more precisely being always thankful to Allah
for what He has given us so far...much have we achieved in our lives since we were born to life..

ever wondered..why we're still living and breathing the life's essential oxygen..no matter if your a muslim or not...no matter weather your a good muslim or not a good one. your still living and doing things of what ever you desire...
Allah the All-Mighty..most gracious and most merciful...
we recite it every now and then...
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent and The Most Merciful

Allah has never been cruel to us.
giving us the five senses, pair of arms and legs, a brain to think, the animals, trees, microbs, and the list goes on and on till you get arm cramps listing all of them..
there's just so many things Allah has blessed us with..

for the last 3 weeks i got to follow the ophthal. Dr's follow up a patient with severe endophthalmitis. She complained of severe pain. so severe until she even couldn't sleep at night.
she was admitted to the ward that time.

so I asked the Dr. how they managed the case??.. it was just like in the textbook, we do medical treatment..and if the condition do not resolve, we have to cut the eye eviscerization (dunno how to spell, hehe)..so they did treat the eye medically..up till..in dunno, this week, i came, and she had a patch in her eye...

ahh i knew it, they've cut the eye
the patient could't stand to tolerate the pain and decided to to cut the eye last saturday, leaving a single eye that could still function.
may Allah bless you makcik Azita.

alhamdulillah I said to myself, "i still have both eyes"..it taught me a big lesson...to control my sight and control what i see..
yeah..we have to look away from seeing HARAM things..and use the eye for the goods.
cause we all know, in the hereafter (akhirat) each of our senses will speak by themselves about what they have been used for. If its good, then the outcome will be good. if its bad, then what you get back is bad.

so friends out there, just used what Allah has given us wisely, apa yang Allah telah amanahkan kita dengan baik..and always repent to Allah for the sins we've done..

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