13 January 2011

move on..


kullu sanah toyyibeen, kullu am wa antum bikheir
a jolly good year to my friends...
its been ages since I last wrote something here i guess
its all bcoz all those tiresome schedule of lectures,
tutorial classes, a bit of study every now and then..and so.
currently its time to relax for a day or to...

since its the beginning of a new year, heres some new updates:
1. my youngest brother, ehsan has now become a first grader!!!
Al-Amin school, Bangi.
he's really enjoying the school though, always energetic (says my mom)
2. anisah is now a Form 2 student at SMK Jalan 3
3. maisarah is enjoying her stay at home
waiting for her date to the down under (aus)
for her engineering studies
4. shafiq in year 4, actuary science
-crap, he went to the grand canyon last week!!!
5. daddy's now back at MINT
its better as he now will have more time for himself and family
go dad go!!
6. and finally my great loving mommy
continues teaching the future scholars at SMK Taman Jasmine 2

thats about a brief update about my family

for me...i've just finished studying about children, pediatrics.
just did the end-round exam 2 days ago. alhamdulillah it went well.
i've also finished introductory Internal Medicine few months ago.
this sunday will be Surgery. an introduction about surgery, which i think
its quite a lot for an introduction.
overall i'm all pumped up for the coming rounds....yeah~!

enough with the academics. winter holidays is in two weeks time.
I'll be traveling somewhere outside egypt.
just for a new breeze to refreshen up my rusty mind.
alright guys, wassalam