24 July 2010

room 38 & 41

phew..one whole week finally ended...
seriously, being a Dr is not that simple..
you certainly need to have the knowledge,
knowledge about medicine certainly...
also all sorts of skills...
> how to do clinical examinations
> how to interact with patients of all kinds..
- from an infant to elders
- man or women
- all sorts of races (Malay, Chinese, Indian and others..)
> how to related systemic illness with the presenting one
> Differential diagnosis...subsequently ure provisional diagnosis
> plan of treatment and treatment...
>...and so on...

so dear colleagues, when u have time, go to hospitals. watch and learn what a doctor do and act towards patients. supaya kita bila kerja nanti tak kekok bila practice medicine. :)...we're all still learning..so gather as much while ure still a student..to prepare for upcoming job...
dah3..cukup setakat tu, cuma nak tulis experience bila pertama kali attach dekat hospital...terasa diri sendiri bengong and kekok bila Dr suruh amek patients history and present..but anyhow, i'll keep on trying to improve myself...

so what i've done so far in the ophthalmology clinic..?
1. use an ophthalmoscope/funduscope to do the
light reflix & red reflex
test for RAPD
see findings on the fundus
2. interview some patients..but sucked!..heheh..
3. learn new things about clinical ophthalmology
4. oral-like questions from the Dr
5. see a eye-Laser procedure
and some other stuffs...tk ingat..hehe

bottom line, i've enjoyed the week really well..
lets get ready for d coming week...

room 41 is the active clinic where the patients are seen by M/O's,,
while room 38 is the clinic where I attached with Dr Rozita, the Ophthalmologist..

21 July 2010

Serdang hospital, day 2 n 3rd day


yesterday i attached with Dr Ho..a nice femali Dr.
she taught me couple of new things...
also did lots of things, again i did the red reflex, light test and
test for RAPD..

she showed me to use the funduscope and the slip lamp...
amazing thing to finally to it by my self..
a lot of chit chat troughout the day...
anyway, at the end of the day, i got to further improve my skills..
a useful skill i learnt is, ...knowing how to deal with young patients...
like school aged children and under-5 years old child.
seriously we need to have those skills..macam cakap lemah lembut..
bagi sweets ke to make them cooperative...
also you need to talk to them in a very childish way...i don't know if male Dr do the same..cause i've only attached with female Dr's...
but never, hope to acquire the skills later on..

that say, pukul 3 dah mintak Dr nak balik...sebab rasa kepenatan even though duduk dlm clinik ber-air-cond. je.
so that was the 2nd day

3rd day..
again in the same clinic, this time i was with Dr Mazaya.
some Q&A today...
M/O tu kate ade exam dalam masa terdekat ni..untuk smbung buat masters..
the same routine today...screening patients and seeing new cases..
the new thing for today...Dr Mazaya showed me how to use the ophthalmoscope to see the fundus..yeah i did see the optic disc..but it wasn't that clear...
i did it only once though..maybe i could do it again some next time..

another Dr I attached to day was a ophthalmologist consultant..
Dr Rozita...she's a very2 nice doctor...
like professor's back in the university, she asked me lots of questions...
primarily about Diabetic retinopathy and the optic nerve pathway..
well I answered the questions..but not that well..
ye la..sape suruh tk study...ingat tak ingat je jawab...
but she said my answers was OK...so she gave me a homework..

"balik baca pasal Diabetic retinopathy and visual pathway ye, nanti saya nak tanya"

..gulp..so..balik kena bukak buku ophthal and prepare .. macam ready untuk exam tu..
but, i think Dr takkan nk marah kot. bukannye periksa ke ape..

ahaa..today i got to see the pan photocoagulation prosedure for a case of diabetic retinopathy patient...new wxperience!!..so happy...
then after, we had a nice chat dfor a while..exchange experiences...
Dr Rozita siap suruh jadi ophthalmologist lagi, die kate sebab sangat kurang lelaki yang amik specialist ophthal..hurmmm, i'll think about that

quote from her..
'the eye is the window to the brain'..

u can also see the naked vessels from the eye...thus could give a picture to what ever diseases happening elsewhere in the body...

okay2..tu saja mau cerita..
mau tdo..wslm

20 July 2010

Serdang hospital, day 1

Semalam, elective posting kat Ophthalmology department begins.
Memang tak ada prepare ape2, mcm baca buku opthal ke ape..just gamble je pergi hospital..

That morning, I went to hospital serdang alone, by myself.
Dah check jalan kat Google Map…lagipun, tahun lepas ada pernah datang kat sini untuk Physiotherapy, so ada cam2 la sikit hospital ni.

Anyway nak cerita, mula-mula nak kena lapor diri dulu di hospital.
But at that time, tak tahu nak lapor diri kat mana, so tanya dekat kaunter perndaftaran , mana tempat Unit Latihan. Akak tu bagi arah, kat pejabat pentadbiran, tingkat 3.
So I went there and gave my borang and gambar, she said nak buat kad hospital. It was 8.30am.

“okay, so ade kena pakai name tag la ni”. After that, I went to the ophthalmology department.

Awal2 memang blur, sebab tak tahu nak jumpa siapa. So I took a walk around the department.

“cool jugak tempat ni, nice and clean” .

Pusing2 5 minit, jumpalah abang ni, En. Azlan, pembantu perubatan kt dept. tu. So I told him about me and my purpose being here in the ophthalmology dept.. then he took me for a walk around the dept. and introduced several Doctor’s to me.

I was supposed to meet the head dept. Dr Razlian, but he was not around. So I met Dr Rosniza, the deputy head dept.. She assigned me to the active clinic, where it receive new cases and follow up cases. Okay, that’s nice. So I’m attached with the M/O in charge there, Dr Masyitah.

It was a hell of a day, from 9.00 until 5.00, recess in the middle 1-2. Ramai betul patient. Dr cakap, sebab hari Isnin, sabtu ahad cuti, sbb tu la ramai. Anyway sronok jugak sebab dapat jumpa banyak patient. From child to old patients with all sorts of eye problems.
From my observation, most patient came with conjunctivitis, either viral and allergic. most of managed by giving artificial tears. Other than that, I always see patients with foreign body in their eye.

So did I did the???
Well dapat guna ophthalmoscope untuk examine patient. Buat Red reflex and swinging light test untuk check RAPD. First time dapat pegang ophthalmoscope, jadi sangat kekok. Apa lagi, kena minta tolong Dr ajarkan la cara2 guna ophthalmoscope tu. Terpaksala, sebab kt U, belajar theory je banyak, practical kurang. Other than that, ada dapat peluang guna slit lamp tengok patient nye mata, Dr ade tunjuk 2-3 kali la findings yang Dr jumpa.

Ada sekali tu, Dr sruh amik history patient. Caranya lebih kurang je macam yang dah belaja dulu. Tapi sebab lame dah tinggal and tak revise baik, kekok jugak la. Banyak kali Dr mencelah and betulkan cara2 ambik history. Memang terasa sangat inferior sebab tak cekap ambik history. Then Dr suruh present kt die apa yang dapat daripada history taking tadi. In english.
Arghh hancur2..hehe. padan muka, sape suruh tak study sebelum pergi.

All and all, sronok dapat duk kt hospital and tengok patient. Dapat kenal selok belok cara kerja kt hospital di Malaysia. Penat seharian di hospital, walaupun duduk hospital je. Tapi sronok dapat develop clinical skills and apply apa yang pernah belajar 3-4 bulan yang lepas.
Okay itu saja, malas nak type panjang2, wslm.

16 July 2010



shafiq, the last family member to arrive...
12.30 pm..from the US..
so its a full family reunion!!!
well there was a reunion last year,
but practically speaking 'I was not around' huh...
well this year I'm all pumped up and healthy..
that's I really call it a family reunion..
dah lame kami sekeluarga berkumpul bersama...

enough with that..
this Monday I'll begin my attachment course at H. Serdang..
I could perhaps my fellow seniors there..
it'll my first experience this monday going on a elective posting in a hospital
hope it'll go fine and i'll not make a fuss..heheh

anyway, the results for the final exam will come out very soon..
so I have to prepare to face what ever consequence..
if it turns out good..alhamdulillah
of not so good, i'll just have to face what ever challenges that'll face me..
Rabbuna Yusahhil..insyaAllah khair...

08 July 2010

home coming


alhamdulillah, the fierce struggle has ended...
9 months battling my way through the fourth year,
with much obstacles facing...
but nevermind, it has ended anyway
now its time to head home...

need to buy a couple of things...
some sourvenirs and stuffs...
but don't bother those things...
they're just worldly things to make people happy..
what's important is meeting people and using the available precious time wisely..

i'm not homesick,
just wanna meet my family who's probably 'homesicking' me..
but i'd be super duper glad to be meeting them soon..
sunday's the day...
juat wait for my return
mak ayah shafiq maisarah anisah and ehsan...
au revoir

04 July 2010

[ a week left ]

mak, ayah, capek, sarah, anisah and ehsan...
sabar ye lagi seminggu...nanti kite boleh jumpa kt Malaysia...
akram ade lagi 2 je lagi oral exam...
esok..forensic and toxicology..
and hari rabu..community medicine...
then baru habis exam...
doakan kemudahan dan kejayaan menjawab periska

tamat la perjuangan di tahun 4 ni, yang penuh dengan cabaran...
dari segi mental dan physical...
alhamdulillah, perkembangan physical sangat baik...
perkembangan dari segi mental, akram menghadapi sedikit kesukaran...
tapi doa dan usaha yang terus menerus tetap dilakukan dengan bersungguh-sungguh...
akram redha dengan apa jua pemberian Allah...
Dia lah yang maha mengetahui apa yang terbaik untuk hambaNya
setinggi-tinggi kesyukuran dipanjatkan kepada-Nya...
diberikan kesihatan dan rezeki yang baik...

a brief post to my family in Malaysia.
can't wait to see u guys.
to mom and dad, thanks for everything for the continuous support.
not to forget, shafiq, maisarah, anisah and ehsan.
also a big thanks to all fellow friends for their great concern for me.
finally, to all thoses who've helped.
terima kasih...

keep praying for my success, dunia dan akhirat.