20 December 2011

Mother - the greatest woman ever

Please do good care love of your mothers...
She has given birth to you..loved you when you guys were just cute little toddlers..
given you milk and food of various types .. and most importantly loved so you could a successful person on this earth.
now that your well tall and good, just never forget what she has done to you in the past..
you'll never be existed if she didn't give birth to you in the first place...
truly, she always misses you. just say hi or ask about her condition always.
she's always there when you need her.

Latest from Egypt

18 December 2011

Once upon a time in Egypt

25th January is getting nearer. Things should really calm down after a fierce battle between the people and the police force, yet as you can see its against the military. Once a close alliance with the people during the revolution. AllahuMusta'an. O Allah save us.

16 December 2011

Post-Iraq war

What really did the US achieved.

Pro's and con's' outweigh them by yourself.

Mankind are just so boring with their lives and then go and start testing the weapons they made 
and how it works to kill people.

Why cannot the higher up's in position of power or those who possess some advantage over the others help the people in need. Just like our beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him did some 14 centuries ago.

Anyway, just live our short lives benefiting others and most importantly yourself to be ready and  prepared for the life ahead (the after life) or the Judgement day. Just ask yourselves, how much have you made yourself equipped to face the Almighty Allah, our god. Think of the consequences you'll face later on.

Prophet Muhammad pbuh once caid 'The most intelligent among you is the one who remembers death often'

read this, taken from this website

What's your IQ

Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said, "The most intelligent person is the one who remembers death often." 

If a person is thought to be very intelligent, yet fails exam after exam, soon all those around him/her will begin to think that he/she is not really very intelligent after all. To get through life with your faith intact, with good deeds, and with Allah’s pleasure as your greatest goal, is the biggest exam you will ever face.

If you fail the exam of life you cannot call yourself intelligent, regardless of what else your “intelligence” allowed you to accumulate of education, wealth, fame or pleasure. These will all go to waste with your death, while you will still have to stand before your Lord and face the consequences for eternity.

Your intelligence would have failed you if it didn’t give you the sense to properly attempt the biggest exam of your life. Such intelligence is cursed! In an examination hall if you start watching a movie, or discussing the score of a game, or pull out a lavish meal to eat, would you be considered sensible? No matter what your I.Q., you’d be considered mad.

This life is one big exam. Are you busy answering the questions of what to believe and what to do or are you busy entertaining yourself? The time for enjoyment is later. Those who prepare and do well in the exam of life will be considered the intelligent ones for eternity.

The people in Hell will say about themselves, "Had we but listened or used our intelligence, we should not (now) be among the Companions of the Blazing Fire!" [Al-Quran 67:10]

We are so engrossed in our various pursuits that the reality of death does not occur to us. Constant remembrance of death would keep us from getting easily distracted by the glittery entertainment beckoning from all directions, preventing us from seriously attempting the exam of life. Keeping death in mind would help us abstain from sin and motivate us to do good deeds without delay.

The most intelligent person is the one who gives the exam of life his/her full attention, since there are no re-takes.

15 December 2011



alhamdulillah things went smooth this week.
no more of bad outcomes out of the Egyptian elections till today for the past 3 weeks.
people are just continuing life as normal.

nothing much to share this week, but you guys can have look at this website. it has the collections of the forty hadiths and some simple explaination easy for you to understand.
have fun :)

10 December 2011

Egypt today

Sorry for the long delay in posts. Been quite busy for the past few weeks.
The crackdown to the demonstrations in Tahrir Square has now eased.
No new serious events happened for the past 2 weeks though.

The Elections started as planned on the end of November. It's divided into several sections as Egypt is a big country after all. I'm not quite sure when will the election is going to end. Though by far, the Islamist party 'Muslim Brotherhood' is gaining big momentum together with an another Salafi Islamist party 'An-nur', ranking 2nd in the vote count. The other party, The Liberal party stands the last in vote majority.

As you can see, Islam will always win, one way or in another. Allah will always help those help Allah. Helping Allah in the sense of being a good and noble servant of Allah and be good to his creations.
Be a good creation of Allah, and be good to His creations. For then, the true victory, under Allah's will always come near to you.

Let's hear this lecture about our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w. The most pious person ever for us to follow.