24 November 2011

251111=250111 ??

Protests continue in Cairo's Tahrir Square

Tomorrow's Friday. Pray for our peace. :D

22 November 2011

Million-man march

Tensions in Tahrir spuare are still being flaring-up. Its becoming worst.
Wonder what will happen in the days to some.

More 'ACTION" to come huh.....AllahuMusta'an..Oh Allah, lend us Your help and guidance..

Follow the STORY at Al-Jazeera English as the demonstrations uphold.

Some more deaths today. 22 people have been reported to have died since the protest on Friday.
Yet the view Kasr Hosp. about 1 km away from Tahrir..the condition seems to be normal.

Though the traffic is a bit smooth today. Perhaps people are just afraid to get out from their homes.
Anyhow, hope things will soon improve so I could learn medicine peacefully.

21 November 2011

Egypt's Rage V2


Again the violence in Egypt has erupted again. This time its not towards the ousted Hosny Mubarak,
but its toward the slow military action to hand the ruling power to pure civilian rule.
Its just like the revolution the last February, or more specifically 25 January. Though this time, I'm around in Egypt..hehe.. witnessing the scenes of how a revolution looks like in front of my eyes.

Interesting though, but from the stories from my friend about the past event, it wasn't an actually good event.
Eventhough, I'll survive good this time, as long as I don't be too harsh to go and join the protesters huh...:D

Do follow the latest updates from ALJAZEERA's website and videos.

12 November 2011

Sheikh Ali Soleh


Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha semua..
I think it's been such a while since i've been posting my own writing's here.
It's been a really hectic period over the past..I dunno..perhaps 8 months....

really, things really have changed...
from the 'Thaurah' Egyptian Uprising back in 25th of January..
Then the trip to Jordan (during the revolution)
       I really didn't know what happened in Egypt on the so called 'Day of Rage"
25th Jan was exactly my flight to Jordan for a winter trip. didn't know that the revolution was turning so bad, my plan to Syria and Turkey was cancelled, and I headed back to Malaysia--home sweet home

returning back to Egypt a month later, my sight caught a couple of tanks and a number soldiers monitoring around the city of cairo. cool though to see the aftermath of the revolution eventhough I wasn't on the scene.

to cut short, after a glad and magnificent experience returning to Malaysia and coming back for the final year...the 25 revolution seems to be repeating itself again. This time against the ruling military junta. Yup, the long awaited election has come. A fair election without the iron fist former president, hopefully it'll finally be a free and fair elections. As the same goes to Malaysia. Really hope the ruling government pasty won't play joker cards again in thie coming election.

Anyway, just enjoy the video I posted.
Sheikh Ali Soleh is an Imam at a mosque in Madinah, Saudi Arabia.
He married an Indonesian and so he can speak Malay really good.
His lectures are also interesting and really made my Ramadhan alive.
Feel free to listen and please spread the video to others.
Thank you very much