27 June 2010



tamatlah sudah semua written exam...
aku dah buat yang terbaik...semampu tenaga usaha aku...
ada soalan boleh jawab dgn baik, ada yang sederhana, ada yang tersilap jawab...
tapi ape pun, aku harapkan keputusan yang terbaik...
sekurang-kurangnya boleh lepas tahun 4 ni dan terus ke tahun 5 tahun depan...

teruskan berdoa, moga2 pemeriksa-pemeriksa kertas jawapanku dimurahkan
hati untuk memberi markah yang terbaik...
tk mengapa, tk perlu susah hati,

Ya Allah, bantulah Akram lulus periksa tahun ini...amin...

"....kita ada Allah maha kuasa,
kita punya kuasa tenaga,
doa bebagai senjata..."

itu saja nk kongsi, wslm...:)

23 June 2010

yang terakhir..


3 papers had just made its way away....
ENT is next, the final paper....
did well for Coummunity Medicine and Ophthatmology...alhamdulillah
I pray for the Forensic paper to be good and hope for the best result..
at least I'll pass the exam and won't come back to re-seat the paper...na'uzubillah
Allahumma Ja'alna Najahan fil Imtihan...ameen..

ape2 pon, aku terus berdoa kepada Allah untuk yang terbaik...
supaya aku boleh balik Mesia ddlm keadaan yang tenang dan gembira...yay~!
insya Allah
jumpa family yang nak sangat tahu perkembangan terbaru aku
selepas setahun selepas kejadian tahun lepas...

10 June 2010


Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah, the all kind and merciful,
still able to inhale His oxygen and eat His creations..
today marks the day of my re-birth, 10 June...
how do I have a 2nd birthday???
yeah, you guys know y...

really, a lot of things have changed since then...
as I said earlier...dpt peluang seolah-olah 'mati hidup semula' ni..
alhamdulillah, sy rase byk yg sy dpt perbaiki...
and sentiasa terasa Allah beri bantuan tk kira masa...
nikmat family yg sgt2 supportive esp. mak dan ayah..family
nikmat masa, kekuatan, kewangan, and so on...
also the important thing is..nikmat kawan
I really have a frens that i know now, really cares about me...~
all of them..housemates, boys, girls...
thanks for everything to you guys.!!..

despite all that stuff,
just remember, whilst you still have a speck of life within you to still breath...
do good deeds to Allah and to others,
and leave all the the bad stuffs, things that you guys know what's bad...
repent to Allah for all the sins you've done
sama-sama kita sedekahkan Al-Fatihah kepada Arwah 'Ammar

09 June 2010

chronology, a year ago

from what I remember
briefly, this is what happened a year ago..

-----9 June 2009-----

"hurray!! the last written exam, pharmoclogy, just ended yesterday...
still, there will be the pharmacology MCQ exam tomorrow"

"i guess i'll just take a big rest for tonight and just answer what I can tomorrow"

that night I just went through the drug book quickly and went to sleep.
tomorrow I'll have a big day, going to Ain Sukhnah,
to check and survey a nice place for the batch's post-exam holiday,
as I promised with Allahyarham Ammar days ago.

that night, I just packed up a few my things including things for a swim in the sea.
then I slept--zzZZzzz

----10 June 2009-----

after the exam, me and Aman planned to have lunch at Yemen Saeed,
for the first time, I ate a grilled lamb chop with rice... it was superb!!...I think~~
Ammar on the other hand went back home in MalikuSsoleh coz he left his passport.
then he came back to the restaurant wanting to have lunch.
I dun know, somehow we manged to tapaw a meal, either Ammar's or we ordered a new meal,
but never mind.

Later, we together with Saif(driver) and Fitri, began our journey to Ain Sukhnah.
few hours later we arrived. after some sightseeing, the motels and beaches..we went to the shore and ..mandi laut~!!! it was after the Asar prayer that time.

after having some fun swimming, we planned to head back to Cairo.
right after having the nasik tapaw we tapaw earlier, our journey home began...

then --------------------- seriously, i dunno what happened ~~~

-----10 June (evening) up till around 2 weeks before Ramadhan (in Malaysia)-----

don't ask cause I absolutely have 0% memory about what happened.

-----from then till now------

:) I am now as what you see me :) judge ureselves...

*all written are what I think I remember, if there are mistakes along the journey, plz inform, thank you.

02 June 2010

next stop

just completed the last end-round exam-ophthalmogy.
did my best, but of course there were some facts that I could not recall during the exam.
but never mind, I guess it happens to everybody..sometimes you just tend to forget huh~~~
still i have the finals to really compensate the deficits i've lost...yeah~!

a thousand thanks to all my friends who really have supported me throughout the year..
to finish medicine successfully...

ape pun, sekarang ni kne betulkan mindset and kembalikan keyakinan diri.
aku yakin, Allah sentiasa ada utk bantu aku..
bykkan berdoa, buat baik and tinggalkan dosa.
at the same time kne terus berusaha sedaya mampu..and jgn stress..
mak dan ayah, family, kawan, cikgu semua mengharapkan yang terbaik from me..

keep climbin' until you reach the top ~

01 June 2010


The month of event's has come~