10 December 2011

Egypt today

Sorry for the long delay in posts. Been quite busy for the past few weeks.
The crackdown to the demonstrations in Tahrir Square has now eased.
No new serious events happened for the past 2 weeks though.

The Elections started as planned on the end of November. It's divided into several sections as Egypt is a big country after all. I'm not quite sure when will the election is going to end. Though by far, the Islamist party 'Muslim Brotherhood' is gaining big momentum together with an another Salafi Islamist party 'An-nur', ranking 2nd in the vote count. The other party, The Liberal party stands the last in vote majority.

As you can see, Islam will always win, one way or in another. Allah will always help those help Allah. Helping Allah in the sense of being a good and noble servant of Allah and be good to his creations.
Be a good creation of Allah, and be good to His creations. For then, the true victory, under Allah's will always come near to you.

Let's hear this lecture about our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w. The most pious person ever for us to follow.

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